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**Announcement**: Due to massive spam attacks this page can only be edited by registered users. Sorry for this inconvenience. ====== To Do List ====== This is a Wishlist and a To-Do-List for the Wordpress Video Plugin. It would help me to implement your wishes. ---- ==== Known Bugs ==== * * <del>Here is a patch to make dailymotion player work on iphone ([[|An example on my site]]): comment line 2035 and add this line just bellow : define("DAILYMOTION_TARGET", "<iframe title=\"dailymotion video player\" class=\"dailymotion-player\" frameborder=\"0\" width=\"###WIDTH###\" height=\"###HEIGHT###\" src=\"\"?logo=0&hideInfos=1\"></iframe>");</del>Thanks! ===== Flashplayer ===== * allow changing size (have the constants check if default was set earlier--such as in functions.php--or width and height provided in short code on a per video basis [youtube {video} {width} {height}] ) * add align (like center, left, right) * possibility to play even .mov- and .wmv-files like and * possibility to play divx files * Add ability to play remotely hosted flv files. (IE * Automatic adaptation of size/aspect ratio if e.g. only the width indicates * Integration of Videobox ( * W3C code compliance (currently not compliant, need to encapsulate the embed) * Assign CSS-style * Lightbox-Support * Show Images before player loads(for 5-10 seconds) ===== support for: ===== * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (YouTube Player, but with many enhanced features) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (video hosting for posting * * e.g. * * * e.g. * * * * * * * * * * (the wave of the future) -- now * * * * * * * * * * * [[|Example]] * for DIVX video and Flash Video * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [[|Example]] ===== other things ===== * <del>Works with (here is the code that needs to be added in videos.php -</del> * <del>Please update the youtube-code so that there will be no more inferences through unimplemented z-index (so that it looks like src=\"\")</del> Coming soon! * Work with Picasa Video! :) * Work with kaltura * ability to grab tags [youtube 894f8950] from a custom key named 'videoid' !! IMPORTANT ! * buttons in the write panel of wordpress !! VERY IMPORTANT ! * I'd love to see this work with fckeditor plugin for wordpress. * **And make it work with the default Wysiwyg editor to!!** * Update-check for videos: alert if a video is deleted on the videopage but still embedded on the blog * High Quality Option for YouTube see [[|here]] * Optimize the code, because i think the plugin doesn't accept a lot of videos in one post. * No attribute vmode for object, because it is proprietary and not valide. * How to disable "related video"? Youtube,Veoh,and some videosite,if I only want the "one". * Add admin setting to set size globally so one doesn't have to either edit PHP to do it or add size to each video if you want them all the same non-default size. * Option to automatically replace links to videos with the actual embedded video * Using Brightcove, be able to add an entire channel instead of just one video * Smaller size for categoryview * XHTML validation ! It is really a basic. ( * Support 720p HD(high definition) 16:9 YouTube videos with maximum resolution of 640x385 pixels * Autostart function * It would be great to be able to add a nice frame to the video player.(like the video on this page * Option to show only a thumbnail from a Youtube video *Hi, how about adding fmt for youtube, so I can have HQ-Videos embedded, like with fmt=18. Thanks *Youtube: ability to select whether to show title and controls and if possible; autoplay. Great plugin, thanks! * Wünsch mir die Möglichkeit HD Videos einzubindenn… von YouTube und Co. * Is it possible to upload own video by admin and it should be displayed in user side ? * add_shortcode so echo do_shortcode() can be used in templates or other implementation of template tags please! * You can try to play videos from here is an example thanks * Thanks to littlepear for giving the youtube XHTML-code! --- //[[|Oliver Wunder]] 2010/07/14 19:44// * Hi, chillout is now integrated - but when will be this version with the codec online for download OR how can i user it in Version 0.68??? E.g.: [chillout 08122401] -> doesnt work :-( -where is chillout integrated? could you please send me the code by mail? and please stop discussing here. This is just a wiki, not a forum or blog. - --- //[[|Oliver Wunder]] 2008/12/29 19:42// * Is it possible to upload own video by admin and it should be displayed in user side ? * Great plugin is it possible to embed films from w w they are in mp4 format * I can't seem to embed into the side bar - is that normal? * It'd be great if there were no audio pops at the beginning of selected videos in youtube playlists. anyone find a solution here? thanks * Support for IMDB videos possibly? * Some support for capturing the thumbnail picture from different sites and using that as a placeholder for a video lightbox. * How do I remove the playbar on youtube video below the video and have the video autoplay without the annoying play triangle over the center of the video while embedding * What other video sites you support that allows me to have the video as I need it vs. youtube.. * <del>DailyMotion is not working, just get black screen, tested on Chrome, example: (bracket)dailymotion 450 300(bracket)</del> -> working on chromium and wvp version 0.757 * Would it be possible to add an autoplay feature to this plugin? I know for example YouTube supports it by simply adding autoplay=1 to the iframe embed url, so a great solution would be [youtube FG_654di43jmX 700 400 1] where the 1 is autoplay... Would that be possible? * Adding an option to start playing in full screen mode would be usefull... * Widget and/or filter for displaying it in the sidebar.

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